Learn How To Implement Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions and Podcasting To Make Your Business More Efficient and Effective

  • What is an Alexa Skill?

  • What is an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill?

  • What Is A Google Home Action?

  • Why Does My Business Need A Podcast?

  • Why Alexa and Google Over Microsoft Cortana and Apple’s Siri?

Who Should Attend?

Decision Makers:
CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CMOs and Small Business Owners.

Innovators / Champions:
People in organizations who introduce new methods, ideas, or products.

Revenue Generators:
People who go on the offense for their organization, seeking new revenue opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and Product Developers:
Technology builders, start up founders and product managers/developers.



– the lift businesses see nine months after launching an Alexa-enabled product


the percent boost businesses see on average almost immediately after incorporating an Alexa Skill into their current product


the percent of professionals surveyed that say they’d use Alexa in the workplace to increase productivity


the number of Alexa Skills globally

50 million+

the number of smart speaker users in the world; increasing 15% each month

The Details

Date & Time

Wednesday, July 31
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.



Limited Spots Available

only 60

Spots Remain

The Venue

We have chosen the amazing Thistle Farms for our venue this year.

Located in “The Education Room” at 5122 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

You will be comfortable enough to enjoy an amazing lunch while challenged enough to learn, network and interact with the next level of voice for business discussion and knowledge sharing.

Click here for directions.

Click here for photos of the venue.

For more on Thistle Farms, please visit their website here.

The Format

Ever been “speed dating?” Probably not, but you’ve seen it in the movies or on TV we’re sure.

After brief “keynote” type sessions by our speakers, during which lunch is served, we will quickly transition into a set of stations, where attendees will rotate to learn and ask questions about subjects like:

– Creating Podcasts & Alexa Flash Briefings for Business Growth

– Creating Podcasts & Alexa Flash Briefings for Gaining Efficiency in Internal Communications Among Teams

– Adding Frictionless Voice-based Functionality to your existing digital platforms via Alexa Skills / Google Actions

– How to Create New Products and Innovations for Your Business Using Alexa Skills / Google Actions

The Speakers

Paul Hickey, CEO, Data Driven Design

Podcast and Alexa Flash Briefing Builder and Host

Joe Wallace, CTO, Data Driven Design

Alexa Skill and Google Home Action Developer

  • Other Very Special Guests

What’s Included

  • A Delicious Lunch

  • A Top Notch Knowledge Exchange

  • Invaluable Opportunities

  • A Special "Alexa-Enabled" Gift

  • Access To A Premium B2B Alexa Skill That Will Help You Do Business

Register Now

Fill out the form below, and pay with a credit card and you will be guaranteed a spot at the event. You will receive follow up communications from our event team as well as a payment receipt.

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